Get Dedicated Servers in UAE - Our fast & secure dedicated servers make us one of the best dedicated server providers. We offer different configuration options & server management levels as per your business needs

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Obtain the dedicated server provider from Buzinessware:

You have the ability to expand your business by hosting your application on one of our powerful dedicated servers. We at Buzinessware adjust your server's setup to suit your unique bandwidth and resource requirements. We benefit from the flexible monthly contracts and upgrade your server model or scale up with more servers to meet your needs. With some flexibility, you can take advantage of our dedicated servers company, which still receives 100% reliable server performance. Our whole fleet of servers uses RAID technology, ensuring that all your vital company data is secure and easily accessible. Our hosting is best suited for companies with intricate websites that need high levels of website security and traffic

What we offer?

You can do almost anything with your space on a dedicated server. Our database management systems help to increase stability and response times. Also, running queries on relational and non-relational data offers you a complete picture.

High and seamless server scalability:

Use seamless and immediate server scalability in dedicated hosting by adding or removing extra resources when the traffic to your website changes or rises. We offer a simple scaling option to manage traffic spikes on your website without compromising uptime and functionality.

Quick setup for a dedicated server:

When you acquire a dedicated server through one of our dedicated hosting plans, we promise your website will function immediately. For immediately dedicated server provisioning, we leverage OpenStack. With our dedicated Hosting plans, get server setup instantly and within 20 minutes.

Optional control panels for simple management:

Our best Dedicated Server services in UAE have a range of options along with feature-rich control panels. It makes server and management easy. We securely administer databases, and web-based applications, handle file administration, create and manage email accounts, set up spam filters, handle file management, and manage domains. We fully integrated the panel to make operating the servers more accessible and pleasant.

Server control and access to administration

Get complete administrative control over your dedicated server so you may install and configure any programmes or applications needed to run your website. You have complete access to and control over the dedicated server's features, enabling you to install third-party software and apps for your website's best security and performance. Use a dedicated web hosting access to customize your server to suit your business's demands.

Support for System Admin:

With your dedicated-hosted website, there is skilled technical support available around-the-clock. Get our server professionals to handle your server completely throughout setup, migration, configuration, customization, proactive monitoring, security, and more with our additional managed hosting services.

Organize numerous clients:

With cPanel and WHM, divide your dedicated server to set it up for your team or several clients. Also, it enables effective management and oversight of your website's resources.

Completely modifiable:

You have the ability to change your server configurations and install any programme you want when you use our dedicated server hosting. Also, you can select the operating system and control panel of your choosing and delegate its installation to us.

Why choose us?

Are you looking for a fantastic performance, greater hardware control, and OS freedom? You have found the right provider of Dedicated Servers.

  • The best dedicated server services in UAE can meet your website's expanding needs and demands with reliable resources, higher bandwidth, and a dependable network.
  • You receive rapid server provisioning, which makes it simple for you to handle increased resource needs.
  • A dedicated server gives you complete root access, enabling you to tweak your server's configuration and install third-party applications to enhance the efficiency and security of your website.
  • With the opportunity to upgrade to manage hosting services for total server management, a dedicated hosting plan provides semi-managed support. The web hosting provider takes care of server maintenance and other tasks.
  • All applications are regularly reviewed and updated to guarantee the best website performance and security.
  • You receive a free setup of your dedicated server with rapid provisioning after purchase, enabling you to launch your website to the public right away.
  • We handle all these obligations, so you don't have to worry about system upgrades, backups, or other tasks. This frees you up to focus on scaling your small business effectively.
  • You receive a user-friendly pre-integrated dashboard that allows you to watch configurations, server performance, and re-installation of the operating system, server reboots, and more.

Talk with us:

A single user has exclusive access to dedicated servers. Our dedicated server UAE gives the user the opportunity to modify the hardware and software to match their performance and availability goals. Suppose, if you have more than one server is needed to handle different services. In that case, we at Buzinessware can be deployed, and load balancing can be accomplished by including advanced technology for true scalability.